1,000 Attorneys Attack
1 Landslide Victim...

In a quite bizarre change of events, the plaintiffs' attorneys, Pillsbury Madison & Sutro (PMS), 800 strong including staff, have joined with the defendants' attorneys, Rutan & Tucker, 200 strong including staff, in an effort to force 1 landslide victim, yours truly, to sign their fraudulent settlement agreement.  If I were to sign this sham document that my ex-attorneys have secretly foisted on the landslide victims, it would give the City of Anaheim a "Variable Easement" to my entire property which could expand to whatever size they deem necessary without ever going through the legal "Eminent Domain" process which necessitates a specified payment for the confiscation of private property.

As long as I maintain this just stance, PMS is unable to collect millions of dollars in fees, on top of the nearly one-million dollars they originally collected from the landslide victims.  You can easily imagine their anticipated feeding-frenzy when this kind of money is just within eye-reach.

PMS feels quite confident that they, in conjunction with their new bed-fellows, the City of Anaheim and Rutan and Tucker, will be able to force this inequitable and unacceptable agreement on my family and I, since the presiding judge, the Honorable Tully H. Seymour, according to PMS' lead attorney, William E. Stoner:  "Judge Seymour has found in favor of the City of Anaheim on practically every major issue to-date in this case."

Wow... Talk about a stacked deck.

Where's Ralph Nader when you really need him?

In case you would like to see how this kind of a trial is handled, it will be convened at 9:30am on Thursday, June 10th, 1999 at 925 N. Spurgeon Street, Santa Ana, CA 92701.  Please call for ticket information at: 1-714-765-5162.  Please remember that parking will be a serious problem, especially with 1,000 lawyers taking all of the free spots.  So, be sure to get there early.

When my daughter, Anastasia, heard about these thousand lawyers mounting an attack against her father, she asked just two questions:

First, she wanted to know, "How can 1,000 lawyers possibly fit into a single courtroom?"

I explained to her, "They are mainly stick figures with very little meaning or substance."

Her last question was actually a statement: "Don't they realize that they don't have a chance?"

Whatever comes of this, I promise to post the final results of the six-year saga of victims being victimized.


Gerald M. Steiner

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