Bleeding Streets
This is one of the strangest sights of all. When you first see it, it just doesn’t make sense. How can water be spouting out of the middle of the street? The water actually sounds like a gurgling stream as it flows to both sides of the road into the storm drains, on down to the ocean.

The above photo was taken on a dry, bright sunny day. To give you a better perspective of where this bleeding street is in relation to the landslide headscarp, I have marked it on this photo.

The condition of this street gives rise to two very important questions:

The first is; Why is this happening? The reason is quite simple -- the water table has risen above the street level. This answer is indisputable, since there are presently no broken water lines in the area.

The second question is; How can the water table be so high in a hill? This, the constantly rising water table in the hill, in my opinion, is what caused the activation of the landslide and is a direct result of the actions of the City of Anaheim in their reckless efforts to populate the potentially tax-rich landslide-prone hills of Anaheim.

Mark McLarty, the chief geologist for the City of Anaheim, stated, at an evacuated homeowners meeting, that during the process of ‘cut and fill’ (the hills are cut away and the valleys are filled in with the earth from the hills in order to create pads for homes) the hill’s natural drainage became plugged and the water backed up into the hill. The high water table then flowed directly into the existing landslide fissure giving it the lubrication it needed to begin moving once again.

This plugging of the hill is not something unique to the hills of Anaheim: It is a well known result of the compaction process. While land density (90+ percent according to the developers with whom I have discussed compaction) can be closely matched so as to prevent the ‘fill’ area from dislodging from the ‘cut’ area; It is impossible to replace the natural drainage that was destroyed during the process of compaction. Those natural rivers that run beneath the earth are permanently dammed during cut and fill. They may as well have filled in the valleys with concrete. The compaction process is a lot like closing off one end of a straw. The water continues to back up, confined within the walls of the strata.

The results of their actions -- the landslide -- was completely foreseeable by everyone... except the trusting homeowners.

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