From Mayor of Toon Town to...

Mayor of Calaboose?


Criminal campaign fraud charges filed against
Mayor Tom Daly and his ex-wife Debra Daly

Special Prosecutor Ravi Mehta has just filed 15 criminal counts involving campaign fraud charges against Mayor Tom Daly and his ex-wife Debra Daly. If convicted, the two could spend six months in a state prison for violating state and local laws which make campaign fraud illegal.

"The public has the right to know what (criminal) activities candidates are engaged in during elections," Special Prosecutor Mehta said January 30.

This comes at a very bad time for Mayor Daly as he stands poised to run for the county supervisor’s seat presently being held by William Steiner who was able to side-step fraud charges leveled at him during the Citron fraud that caused the bankruptcy of Orange County. It seems good men are hard to find in Orange County.

Mayor Daly, who has, so far, refused to admit his guilt, is scheduled to be arraigned in Municipal Court in Fullerton on March 2, 1998.

If these allegations of campaign fraud are true, Mayor Daly has disgraced his office of trust, he has disgraced the City of Anaheim, and most importantly he has disgraced the citizens who have elected him.

Neither of Mayor Daly’s major political backers, the Walt Disney Company and the Irvine Company, have stated whether or not they will continue to finance his campaign to become Supervisor of Orange County if Mayor Daly is convicted of campaign fraud and goes to prison.

Mayor Daly has been a favorite of many high profile business interests because of his unswerving stand as a staunch proponent for the El Toro Airport -- no matter what are the wishes of the people.

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