Controlling Anaheim's Raging Waters

The Dewatering Wells: Daily/Annual Totals

Georgetown = 38,610 GPD
Avenida de Santiago = 18,500 GPD
Williams Circle = 7,430 GPD
Purdue = 1,000 GPD
Burlwood = 7,510 GPD
Other Streets = 1,200 GPD

Total gallons per day = 77,240

Total gallons per year = < 30,000,000

Yes, unbelievable but true, nearly 30 million gallons of water are now being pumped out of the Anaheim Landslide -- 6 years after the tragedy occurred and in the middle of a very dry season.  Since no mitigation has ever taken place, the dewatering process is the only dike holding back the inevitable final landslide.

For some strange inexplicable reason, Mayor Daly and his Council want to now abandon or decommission more than one third of all of the present dewatering capacity -- wells that are now pumping out 13,140 gallons of water each and every day.  Nearly 10,000,000 gallons of water would then be left within the unstable landslide, compounding upon itself each and every year till we have returned, once again, to the life threatening conditions of 1993.  (Luckily, Mayor Daly has given each of us the security of an official City Council-approved escape route map -- to use when the landslide comes rumbling after us.)

With this GHAD, the City of Anaheim will have effectively set us all adrift, 300 homeowners, unwary of the dangers that lie ahead, sailing in a sinking ship with one-third of our bilge pumps removed.  May God help us!