Mayor Daly Quits Supervisor Race!
Four days after the following page was posted Mayor Daly pulled out of the Orange County Supervisor race, stating: "I realized I would be sacrificing time better spent... on making a living."

Obviously, as Mayor of Anaheim, Mr. Daly gets perked better than he would if he were Supervisor.

Because this page proved effective (and among my best work!), I have decided to keep it posted - much like Italy did with Mussolini.

Mayor Daly: "El Toro, here I come!"

Anaheim Landslides

Proposed El Toro Airport

Disney Co. 
Irvine Co. 
Building Assoc.

 Something Wicked This Way Comes!

South Orange County, be forewarned:  Where ever Mayor Daly steps, disaster follows in his wake. When he is crowned Supervisor by the Disney Company, the Irvine Company and the Orange County Building Industry Association -- a troika of global power and immense wealth -- the El Toro Airport, against the wishes of the people, will become a dark reality. At that time El Toro will become the new Disasterland and Orange County will become the "Unhappiest Place on Earth."

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