Features that may Indicate Catastrophic Landslide Movement

"Landslides have a maximum speed of about 17 miles per hour," stated the lead geologist for the City of Anaheim, Mark McLarty with Eberhart and Stone, Inc., to a group of landslide victims -- as if we all could somehow easily drive away from our impending doom at 60 miles per hour.  But what if the unsuspecting homeowner doesn't sleep in his car, with his family at his side?

What to do and look for during 
and immediately after heavy rains


Areas that are generally prone to landslide hazards:

Areas that are typically considered safe from landslides:

Features that might be noticed prior to major landsliding:

What to do if you suspect imminent landslide danger:

For further information on landslides in your area:

Information from :
State of California Department of Conservation, Sacramento, CA
and National Landslide Information Center, U.S. Geological Survey, Denver, CO