The Final Chapter?...

Since it is a possibility that I will be arrested for Contempt of Court on Thursday, June 10th, for refusing to sign the fraudulent settlement agreement concocted by my ex-attorneys, Pillsbury Madison & Sutro (PMS),  the City of Anaheim, and their attorneys, Rutan & Tucker; I figured that if I am locked up, my Internet service would probably not extend into my jail cell; and, therefore, maybe I should tie up some loose ends, clear my conscience, give credit where credit is due, and maybe even apologize...

Over these past couple of years I have kept it a deep dark secret as to where I was getting a vast amount of the inside dope that I have included in the Anaheim Landslide Website.

It is now time to name 'deep-throat' -- he is none other than  PMS' lead attorney, William E. Stoner.  Without his ongoing, constant help and insider information this website would have been little more than the rantings of just another landslide victim.  After he would give me the secret information, I would write the article over the weekend and then on Monday morning I would call his office so that he would be able to verify that nothing I had written was 'sueable'.

One time, after I had written a quite searing article, lambasting the staff at Rutan and Tucker,  Mr. Stoner called me in a state of near hysterical laughter.  He related how, in a meeting with Rutan and Tucker's lead attorney, Michael D. Rubin, the article became a heated part of the discussion.  Mr. Stoner related how Mr. Rubin was so livid with anger that he was barely able to speak.  Mr. Stoner stated that he personally had a hard time maintaining his composure and not laughing at his opposing counsel's rage.

Mr. Rubin, according to Mr. Stoner, on more than one occasion accused PMS of feeding information to this website.  Mr. Stoner always denied any such knowledge.  How he couched those statements of denial only he and Mr. Rubin would know, since I was not present.

Mr. Stoner asked me not to ever mention how I was obtaining this secret information, since it was part of the Attorney-Client Privilege.  But, since PMS is no longer my attorney, I feel that now I should tell the truth.

Mr. Rubin always knew in his heart that there was a 'mole' at PMS.  He just didn't know who it was.  I am sure his suspicions were heightened a notch or two when I started quoting Los Angeles law journals.

Well, I guess this confession of mine ends my PMS info source.  And that's really a shame since my best article was yet to come:  Mr. Stoner had promised that, once the landslide trial was over, he would fill me in on all of the details about his frustrating experiences with the Honorable Judge Tully H. Seymour.

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa,

Gerald M. Steiner

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