Pilsbury, Madison & Sutro LLP

PMS Inflames Residents Against Landslide Victims...

On June 7th, 1999, my ex-attorneys, Pillsbury Madison & Sutro (PMS), send out the attached SECRET "Client Status Report No. 44" to 430 residents in the Anaheim landslide area in what appears to be a blatant and obvious effort to inflame them against my family and I for refusing to sign the deceptive settlement agreement concocted by my ex-attorneys, Pillsbury Madison & Sutro (PMS),  the City of Anaheim, and their attorneys, Rutan & Tucker.

In the coming days I will be posting my responses to these false allegations made by my ex-attorneys, Pillsbury Madison & Sutro (PMS), plus I will be posting an actual video (in both Vivo and Quicktime 4) of Kenneth R. Chiate, Esq., taped in living color on Tuesday, January 16th, 1993, explaining the actual meaning of the PMS Retainer Agreement which we were to be signing.  Mr. Chiate's statements completely refute the statements made by Mr. William E. Stoner's inflammatory letter to the 430 residents on Monday, June 7th, 1999.  But over six years had passed... Who could possibly remember such detail?

Gerald M. Steiner

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