Anaheim's Settlement Offer
Insults Landslide Victims!

As you probably know by now, the Landslide trial has once again been put off -- so that we can be presented with an insulting offer by the City of Anaheim that will not even cover our legal fees -- much less compensate the landslide victims for the severe property damage, the loss in real estate value, the families destroyed by the financial pressures and the premature deaths caused by the actions of our corrupt city officials receiving kick-backs and 'perks' from realty and business interests.

A Landslide Victims' meeting is now scheduled to be held at the Lutheran Church located at 4101 E. Nohl Ranch Road on November 18, 1998 at 7:00 p.m. so that all of the clients will be able to vote to 'Approve' or 'Reject' Anaheim's humiliating offer.  For those Landslide Victims who do not have Internet access, I will be standing at the front of the church door handing out copies of the following 'Reasons to Reject' Mayor Daly's degrading 'offer'.

Reason #1 to Reject Offer

Our legal fees and geological costs will, in my opinion, be at least $11,000,000.00.  The City of Anaheim wants to be able to get off the hook by insulting us with $9,000,000.00!  That's $2 million less than our legal and geological expenses to-date.

Reason #2 to Reject Offer

The City of Anaheim's concept for their Geological Hazard Abatement District (GHAD) is an unadulterated sham. The $3.5 million that they want set aside will not finance one dollar of hazard abatement!  It is only sufficient to cover the maintenance of the present dewatering system that is now in place.  In years to come this system will have to be expanded and replaced -- but there will be no funds to finance such a need.  Except, of course, from the pockets of the landslide victims residing within the GHAD.  The city will have washed its blood-soaked hands of the disaster it knowingly caused, leaving the landslide victims to drown under the unsustainable expense of financing costly abatement measures.

Reason #3 to Reject Offer

The City of Anaheim and their Judge Seymour's threat to divide the 'Golden 36' homeowners from the rest of the landslide victims is, in my opinion, an empty threat made by puff-fish bully-boys as a final arm-twisting effort to create fear in our hearts and division in our ranks.  All one has to do is examine what this division would do to their 'wants and needs' -- The City of Anaheim from the very day after the landslide has openly salivated and pined for the creation of a GHAD.  They know that only a GHAD will totally amputate this gangrene-festering parcel of land from the healthy body of Anaheim -- for evermore.  If the City of Anaheim and Judge Seymore allow the 'Golden 36' to be divided from the rest of the landslide victims there is no way that any GHAD could ever be formed  -- Thereby nullifying their desired 'final solution'.

Reason #4 to Reject Offer

The only winners would be the scores of corrupt politicians, hundreds of lawyers and dozens of geological 'experts' feeding off of our misfortune.  The losers would us, the landslide victims once again being victimized.

Reason #5 to Reject Offer

The City of Anaheim has no intention of ever doing anything to stop this landslide that they caused from happening again.  The dewatering system now in place, according to the actual words of City of Anaheim's own chief geologist, Mark McLarty, is "just and emergency, stop-gap measure.  Dewatering is not mitigation."  Mitigation entails earthworks to counter the present precarious, life threatening teeter-totter balance that now exists within the headscarp of the landslide.  Dewatering will not stabilize the hill.  Dewatering will not prevent another landslide -- this, according to the words of Mark McLarty.

Reason #6 to Reject Offer

When we sell our landslide property we will be forced to lie to the prospective buyer about the actual condition of the landslide's instability -- But we will never have to worry about any legal ramifications since the City of Anaheim will gladly stand behind our lies, backed by the full power of the laws they will now create to cover their corrupt sham.  Personally, I would always have serious problems looking into a mirror after I had done that to another human being.


Gerald M. Steiner