Did Anaheim's Geologists
Demand Kickbacks?

The president of an Orange County geotechnical firm, with offices throughout the world, contacted me to state that he was interviewed by Eberhardt and Stone, Inc., the geological firm that City of Anaheim hired to evaluate the Anaheim Landslide of 1993.  This company president stated to me that during the interview he was told by Eberhardt and Stone, Inc. that if his company did work on the landslide a percentage of all of the moneys paid to his firm by the City of Anaheim would have to be paid to back Eberhardt and Stone, Inc.

Being from Chicago, I always heard that type of an arrangement was called a kickback.  But in Orange County such corrupt illegal practices have probably been legalized by now.

He then told Eberhardt and Stone, Inc. that he would not bring his firm in under such conditions.

I then asked him if Anaheim's chief geologist from Eberhardt and Stone, Mr. Mark McLarty, was present at that meeting.

He stated: "Yes, Mark McLarty was there."

If this highly respected geotechnical engineer's testimony proves to be true in a court of law, it would cast grave doubts on all of the evidence being presented by Eberhardt and Stone, Inc. on behalf of the City of Anaheim.

The City of Anaheim's case would then slide into oblivion like the land it is built upon.

I have not divulged the name the geotechnical engineer at this time at his behest, but I shall when I am called upon in a court of law.

Gerald M. Steiner