Dear Mr. Steiner:

Anaheim Über Alles

I am sorry you have fallen victim to the crypto-nazis that infest virtually all of local government. Do not be surprised at the money they spend on lawyers. These people will spend billions just to screw someone out of a nickel.

Over the years the actions and behaviors of local government have been uniformly oppressive toward certain citizens of the county. Typical of sadists who are goal oriented they seek to give pain, not to receive pain. Therefore they select victims who have the least possibility to resist discrimination -- "the usual victims" (Afro-Americans, Hispanics, Asians, Jews, older Americans, and the disabled).

One thing they never do is admit a mistake. As you have pointed out lots of "mistakes" they do not like you, although I guess you know that by now.

The structure of government in Orange County stands on the control and exploitation of targeted victim groups for self serving purposes. Among these purposes are: economic exploitation, expressions of ethno-centric superiority (bigotry), theft by acts of government fraud, and the expressions of a collective mean spirit.

The driving force in this system is fear. Fear is supported on the pillars of emotional and social brutality. The pillars of emotional and social brutality are decorated with misuses of power and authority toward the victims of discrimination. The usual tools of misuse of power are regularly employed: threats, intimidation, destroyed persons to serve as object lessons, etc. Government in the County of Orange is one whose interactions with residents is most characterized by deceit and "bad faith". By "bad faith" I refer to the inevitable expressions of the proper aims of government which operate in tandem with self-serving hidden agendas. The spaces ordinarily filled by honesty, principles, and fairness are occupied with lies and deceit. For government in the County of Orange words are tools to be manipulated. There is no truth, no objectivity. "Due process", "rights", "redress for wrongs" and "justice" are jokes; the telling of which are by the deceits of pretense and charade. Adequate representation is all but impossible due to the relentlessness of the oppressors and, by comparison, their bottomless resources.

The Orange County governments are one vast "star chamber" because everyone is in on the conspiracy. Citron was prosecuted. Humbug. They were ALL in on it. Citron did not get as much as a slap on the wrist. He is now trying to get by on his yearly pension of $92,000+. How harsh.

Don't even bother to attempt to defend your self against the action filed against you in a county court. I believe you have recourse in Federal Court based on Freedom of the Press. Freedom of Speech will keep you bogged down in a local court and exhaust your resources, which is exactly what they want to do.

I wish you the best of luck but it is more likely you and your family will be shipped off to one of those Orange County Relocation Camps in Poland, where a final solution to the "landslide complainers" problem will be resolved.

In the meantime keep your back to a wall, sodomy was legalized in California years ago and for local governments it's a matter of policy.