Dear Mr. Steiner:

I am a homeowner who purchased my home two years ago. Before the close of escrow I was asked to sign a paper acknowledging the slide on the hill above Serrano.

I called the city for some additional information. I was told my property was stable to the best of their knowledge. They said our ground had not been tested for stability because there was no reason for concern.

They told me the cause of the slide was due to the builders and their surveyors.

I am particularly interested in obtaining information on the GHAD (Geological Hazard Abatement District) assessment. This was never mentioned.

I am deeply touched by what your family has suffered. I would like to know what I, as a homeowner can do to help.


[Editor's Note:  The City of Anaheim is truly amazing in the way they constantly deny the truth.  The City of Anaheim, with full prior knowledge, approved the construction of homes within the boundaries of a known Seismic Hazard Zone.  And now they are blaming "builders and their surveyors" who are all long gone.  The City of Anaheim feels that if you repeat the lie often enough it will replace the truth.  Sorry, Mr. Daly, not in my lifetime!]