Dear Mr. Steiner:

I am from Connecticut -- no landslides here -- but government
corruption is just the same. I am a computer tech for the State of
Connecticut, so I see the government's way of doing things up close and it is not a very pleasant situation.

These politicians wouldn't know a website if it hit them upside the head. Well, except in Tom Daly's case -- I think he knows this one just did.

Freedom of Speech, Tom. Remember in your political science class? Or were you too busy planning some scam that day in class?

Anyway, they can't take this web site down. As we speak, serial killer Danny Rolling (Gainesville murders, 5 dead college students) is on death row. He sells his story and his "prison art" for a profit on a website. His site was taken to court and it's still up if I am correct.

And 'anaheim-landslide' will be there to for a long time to come.

Signing off 4,000 miles away,