Dear Mr. Steiner:

You have a very informative website. The one page that really struck a nerve with me was about the baseball suites...

I remember Tom Daly's mayoral campaign including not wanting "The  Pond" to be built. That election was the first time I ever voted -- just so I could vote against him.

I grew up in Michigan and becoming a hockey season ticket holder was a dream for me. Unfortunately, after 2 years, I got priced out of my seats. Now, I want nothing to do with the Ducks or Disney.

It kills me that these political hacks get a free ride to sporting events while continuing to screw the honest working people.

I wish you luck in your fight which I know you will need, since it's an "uphill" fight going against unscrupulous politicians.


PS:   I live at the very bottom in Anaheim Hills so my worry is everybody's house crashing in to mine.