Dear Mr. Steiner:
Give 'em Hell

When you talk about the problems the lawyers have been putting you
through I can sympathize with you, as I went through the same thing a
while back when I exposed a defective product that has killed thousands
of people.

During that time I worked with approximately 50 different law firms as a expert witness/consultant.  You wouldn't believe some of the things they try to pull and mostly get away with.  They know just how much they can stretch the law and we don't.

I often wonder how they can go home and look their children in the eye and scold them for little transgressions when they themselves make a good living committing major transgressions daily.  It takes a certain type of person I guess.

Your doing the right thing by sticking to the facts and not letting your
emotions take over and say exactly what you are thinking most of the
time.  Nothing hurts them more than the truth.  They have no way to
combat it.  They are waiting for you to make a mistake so they can
portray it as your entire side of the story.

Thank God I'm an engineer and not a lawyer. I've slept well for a long time.

Keep up the good work.  The good Lord put you in this position because He knows you are the man to do what is right to get the problem exposed to the right people.   You can't lose because He's behind you.

Good Luck ,