Dear Mr. Steiner:

Your website was pointed out to me by Carl Schulz and I have in turn given the URL to several of my colleagues, who will have a look as soon as their own work schedules allow, but I can tell you that already one of them would like to use two of the photographs for his lectures.

Your website shows me how lucky I am to live on flat land ! It is remarkably objective for being made by one of the landslide's victims, though I would have liked a separation between the hard facts (which are scientifically sound) and the sarcastic jokes (some links do not hint at the contents, for example "Anaheim Hills Landslide Re-Development Program Revealed"), it becomes somewhat difficult to search for specific information.

Well, that was my view as a research assistant and internet user, as a
human being I have to say that it makes me really sad that whenever
people come into power (politicans) they almost always abuse it.  But endangering the human live/existance for one's own profit gets these people on par with the lowliest criminals.

It's really too bad that I did not know about this before, because in
October of 1997 there was the meeting of the American Society of Agronomy in Anaheim, where soil scientists, among others, from all over the world came together. That would have been a chance to make your problem known among scientists who do not use the internet that much.

When I get the feedback from my colleagues I will inform you about their opinions concerning your site.

Keep up the good work.

I wish you good luck.


Martin Volkmann
Institute of Soil Science
University of Hannover, Germany