Dear Mr. Steiner:
My name is Jill A. and, while I live in Massachusetts, I am doing a geology report on the landslides in Anaheim California.  I am somewhat confused as to what “Caltrans” actually is and would appreciate any further information you can give me about them.

Thank you,

Jill A.


Editor's Reply:   Caltrans is the construction arm of the California Department of Transportation.  While they have done a yeoman's job in retro-fitting the California freeway system in the past ten years, they still tend to construct highways without any consideration for the geology of the surrounding terrain -- which can have calamitous repercussions.

For the past couple of decades Caltrans has been constantly sued (and lost!) across the length and breadth of California for having been the precipitous cause of one landslide after another -- yet still their geologists plod ahead like drunken sailors.  Luckily for them the California taxpayers cover their expensive gambles. They just buy up one landslide house after another.  With their deep pockets they are never forced to learn by their mistakes -- they just blame God!

Caltrans has a website at:


Also, be sure to check out the Caltrans earthquake website at:

That could have been a very worthwhile site if they had done a better job with the excellent photographs Caltrans has in their archives.  Whoever did the scanning must also be the Caltrans Chief Geologist.  The lack of ability is glaring.