Subject:  Should I avoid Anaheim Hills?

Dear Mr. Steiner:

I hope you have time to answer a selfish question. We currently live in the Seattle area and we're looking for a place to live in Orange County.  We have two babies.  We've been considering Nellie Gail Ranch, Anaheim Hills, Villa Park, and Orange Park Acres.

I'm beginning to suspect (thanks solely to your Web site) that I should avoid Nellie Gail Ranch and Anaheim Hills. Correct?

And are Villa Park and Orange Park Acres safe?

Thanks.  And sorry for what happened to you.

Thank you,

Tom C.


Editor's Reply:   Your main interest, I'm sure, is for the safety of your family -- especially with two babies.  With this in mind, I have created the following map Titled "Orange County Seismic Hazard Zones"  -- and regrettably, it includes most of the areas you are interested in:


Some builders are now cutting away the landslide formations, thereby creating safer construction sites.  This 'Cut and Fill' practice is effective as long as your lot is not located on the 'Fill' side: These lots inevitably sink, causing constant cracking and creaking; which can get quite scary in the dark of night.

Also, if you are seriously planning on moving into any region of Orange County's Landslide Zones, you may wish to get a geologic report for the sake of your family's safety -- before you buy!

Remember: Asking cities, such as Anaheim, for honest information is a complete waste of time.

Good luck!