How Pillsbury Madison and Sutro
Lost the Lawsuit -- Part 2

 When three of the law partners at Pillsbury Madison and Sutro,  Kenneth Chiate, Esq., William E. Stoner, Esq. and Charles Patterson, Esq., spoke to the over 500 Anaheim landslide victims, they promised us the world in order to convince us to sign on the dotted line.  They told us, on camera, that if there was ever a conflict of interest, we could just go hire another law firm and continue the suit as we saw fit.  It would be as simple as that...

Except that what they told us on camera was simply not the truth.

Any landslide victim who attempted to fire the law firm of Pillsbury Madison and Sutro was sued into submission, with the full and complete approval of the City of Anaheim and the local Orange County Superior Kangaroo Court system.  These homeowners' signatures were 'legally' forged on the settlement documents by order of His Honor Judge Tully H. Seymour.  This action, unbelievably, included the confiscation of private property without any agreed upon payment -- and all at the behest of the victims' own attorneys, Pillsbury Madison and Sutro.

Obviously, we made a terrible mistake hiring William Stoner and his law firm Pillsbury Madison and Sutro; but how were we to know?  They made such an impressive presentation, with all of their fancy landslide mock-ups and Mr. Chiate's eloquent recitation on how similar our landslide was to his slam-dunk win at Big Rock, which garnered nearly 100 million dollars for his clients. He made it sound as though he was going to be able to use the same flowery speech in Anaheim;  he'd just change the dates and location.  I guess visions of grandeur were twinkling in all of our eyes.

For many of us, hiring the Pied Pipers of Pillsbury Madison and Sutro was to be costliest mistake we would ever make.

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