How Pillsbury Madison and Sutro
Lost the Lawsuit -- Part 3

The following is an exact copy of Pillsbury Madison and Sutro's William E. Stoner, Esq., 'biography' about his prideful inverse condemnation 'experience':

"In 1999, Mr. Stoner wrapped up his representation of 430 landslide victims against the City of Anaheim and various plastic pipe manufacturers. The defendants asserted the damages were caused by expansive soils and construction defects. Plaintiffs attributed their damages to land movement caused by the City's defective water delivery system and imprudent development on top of an ancient landslide. He recovered more than $19.3 million for his clients and forced the City to establish its first ever Geologic Hazard Abatement District to protect against future land movement in the area."

First, Mr. Stoner's statement that 'he' recovered $19.3 million for clients is complete fabrication.  The vast bulk of these moneys will be going into his pockets and the pockets of his partners plus his faithful  geologists, etc., etc.  -- When the scavengers have finished, when all is said and done there will be about $3 million left for the 430 victimized homeowners to share after seven years of devastation and total frustration has come and gone.

Many of the landslide homeowners have related to me that the hiring of William Stoner and his Pillsbury Madison and Sutro law firm was a terrible mistake and, for most, the costliest mistake they have ever made.

Secondly, William Stoner takes great pride that he, all by himself, "forced the City to establish its first ever Geologic Hazard Abatement District".  Mr. Stoner, sir, that is nothing more than a big crock of do-do, and you know it.  You yourself told us that the City of Anaheim demanded a GHAD from the very beginning! The GHAD takes the legal responsibility out of the city's coffers and places all of the future costs and dangers into the laps of the victims.  And you think that is wonderful?! Please tell me, Mr. Stoner, where is your fiduciary responsibility to your clients?

If you honestly could take credit for this GHAD scam, it would be just one more flagrant violation of your most basic ethical  obligations to these landslide victims.  I guess you would just call it 'spin' -- when you so devastatingly lose a case like this, you just turn around and say you won it!

Lastly, you state that the GHAD will "protect against future land movement in the area."  Mr. Stoner, you know this is not the truth!  No mitigation against future landslides has ever taken place and there is absolutely not one penny in the fund that can legally be used for mitigation!  This unthinkable restriction is what you, Mr. Stoner, agreed to in your pact with the City -- without ever explaining the negative details to the landslide victims you represented.

The only credit you can honestly take is that you lost the case -- no matter how you try to 'spin' it.  And in so doing you have decimated the homeowners that the City of Anaheim missed.

To this very day, homeowners are just walking away from their properties rather than live under the terrible fear of a pending landslide.

Financially, maybe you did win -- It's just your clients that lost.

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