5 More Landslide Wells Rushed Online...

Wells, wells and still more wells: Since the Anaheim Landslide of January 18, 1993 first devastated our community over five years ago, nearly 150 wells have been dug in a feeble attempt to drain the hill of the massive water build-up caused by the plugging of the valleys with fill earth, thereby completely destroying the lands natural drainage.

As I write this (October 14, 1998) there are two huge drilling rigs working on and near the heart of the landslide -- Avenida de Santiago.  They are churning out five more wells.  Each well takes about one week per rig:  The first rig makes an initial boring hole to remove a plug of earth for analysis purposes to determine the subsurface structures, water pockets, faults, etc.  The second huge drilling rig is then brought in to make the large bore for the pumps and gauges, depending on the final purpose of the well.  Therefore these 5 wells will entail the community being disrupted for 10 drilling weeks.  The 150 wells to date has meant a total of 300 drilling weeks over a period of 275 calendar weeks (5.5 years).  It's a wonder any of the homes are still occupied -- except most of us don't have any other choice.

Living under the shadow of a landslide is a lot like living in Kosovo -- the same noise, the same life-threatening dangers -- except here in Anaheim the Serbs have been replaced by City Hall's legal staff and President Slobodan Milosevic has been replaced by Mayor Tom Daly.

Drilling rig photographs taken on October 10, 1998

At least now they bring their own toilets...
Small bore drilling rig.  View #1
Small bore drilling rig.  View #2
Small bore drilling rig.  View #3
Core drilling pipe.  View #1
Core drilling pipe.  View #2
Core drilling pipe.  View #3
What prospective homebuyers don't want to see!
These drilling rigs, with all of their equipment and hard-hat personnel, certainly cut down on homeowners  being bothered by door-to-door salesmen.
Anaheim should have posted these "Caution" signs  before the homes were built!
Big Bertha large bore drilling rig.  View #1.
Big Bertha casts a long shadow.  View #2.
Big Bertha.  View #3.
Big Bertha.  View #4.
Big Bertha -- the controls.  View #5.
Big Bertha -- bore hole alignment.  View #6.