Bill Stoner's Psychotic Hot Line:
(213) 488-3601

My ex-attorneys, Pillsbury Madison & Sutro (PMS), led by William E. Stoner, have now set up, which, in my opinion, is nothing more than a Psychotic Hot Line so that they can whine and cry about how I am keeping them from their anticipated financial feeding frenzy.

In his seemingly endless vitriolic phone-diatribe, Stoner also mentions his forthcoming SECRET "Client Status Report No. 45."  As soon as I get a copy I will immediately post it on this web site for the whole world to see -- That will give Stoner just one more reason to gnash his teeth.

But, first, make sure that you call their Psychotic Hot Line, (213) 488-3501, to hear the Stoner speech.  Interestingly, for some strange reason he completely forgets to bring up the fact that PMS has a serious conflict of interest and is acting in violation of its ongoing fiduciary responsibilities. I guess the most important thing is the speedy collection of their ill-gotten contingency fee.

NOTE:  The first person who counts the total number of times that Stoner spews out my name will WIN a FREE 1 Hour Video Tape in which the lawyers at PMS state that there will be no conflict of interest with their clients in this landslide case. I, of course, cannot vouch for the veracity of any of their statements; and I will not be held liable for any losses you sustain because you take their advice.

Gerald M. Steiner

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