City of Anaheim Rushes To Replace
Landslide Water Pumps and Wells
In an effort to keep the water table from rising and re-activating the still precarious Anaheim Landslide, the City of Anaheim was out in full force this past week (1/9/98) in an ongoing campaign of replacing water pumps and drilling more and more new wells. This process of trying to keep ahead of the relentless rivers of water flowing through the landslide-prone hills of Anaheim has been continuing for five solid years now -- with no end in sight. This January 19, 1998 will be the fifth anniversary of the Anaheim Landslide disaster.

In the five years that have passed since the start of the disaster nothing has been done to mitigate the actual cause. According to the City of Anaheim’s lead geologist, Mark McLarty: "De-watering is a stop-gap measure and has nothing to do with mitigation."

Mitigation involves great earth works and the City of Anaheim has no intentions of tackling such a monumental project, especially when those funds can be better used improving the infrastructure of Mayor Daly’s political sponsor, Disneyland.

To date FEMA has been footing the bill for the disaster, while the City of Anaheim has been taking the credit. While in reality, the only credit they should be taking is as the cause of the disaster; for they had full and complete knowledge that this was and is to this very day an obvious landslide prone area. The geologists for the State of California have classified the vast majority of Anaheim Hills as "Area 4 - Seismic Hazard Zone."

Humans are not supposed to live in any Seismic Hazard Zone!

The politicians know this! The realtors know this! They all are as guilty as sin!

The City of Anaheim has to this very day continued to ignore its fiduciary responsibility to its citizens and their very lives: All in an effort to fill their coffers with the blood-taxes from the unsuspecting owners of landslide-prone homes.


On Friday, when I interviewed the city workers replacing the well pump near my landslide home at 6899 Avenida de Santiago, I nonchalantly asked: "Did the pipe break?"

"No," responded the foreman. "The pump burned out."

"Gosh," I said. "Isn’t that awfully quick for a new pump to fail?"

"Not really," answered the foreman. "Just take a look at this," he said, as he pointed into the pit. "See all that red goo?’’

"Yes?" I responded.

"Well, that’s iron oxide," said the foreman. "See those pipes there?" he said, pointing to a stack of used plastic pipe, covered with red muck, laying next to the curb. "The insides of those pipes are coated with iron oxide. The water in this hill is full of iron oxide."

"How does the iron oxide effect the pumps? I asked.

"It clogs them till they burn out," he answered.

"How long will a pump last under conditions like that?" I asked.

"They should last two or three years," the foreman responded.


Figuring a life span of three years per pump with a replacement cost, including labor and materials, of $3,500.00 per pump system, that would end up being an annual cost of at least $140,000.00. And that cost pales in comparison to the constant need to replace existing wells with new wells since all of the old wells will soon become unusable due to the plugging action caused by the heavy iron oxide deposits that clog the hill. This constant well replacement, which has already begun, could easily reach an annual cost of over $1,000,000.00

And who is to bear this horrendous annual cost? Not FEMA -- their five years are soon up and they will be then out of the picture. Not the City of Anaheim, according to the City of Anaheim. They have stated that this disaster -- which they caused -- should be borne by the innocent, unsuspecting homeowners.


As I type this, there is a huge drilling rig sitting in by backyard, churning noisily away once more. If you drive by you can’t miss it. It has a big red light on the top so that planes don’t crash into it. To-date, four well holes have been dug in my backyard and an additional four well holes have been dug by the front of my house. At this rate they will soon be bringing the drilling rigs inside my house. And they will have every right to do so; for they will have in hand, once again, their fully authorized and documented Gestapo papers.


Gerald M. Steiner

P.S. -- Please forgive me if I am now writing fewer and fewer articles. The problem I am now having is that every time I post one of these the City of Anaheim turns around and sues me for revealing the truth. I have to respond to them -- that’s the law. I have to abide by the law. They don’t.