Anaheim's Landslide Lawyers Rubin & Salinger:
Bragging & Whining

In a recent article titled "8:45 P.M." in the OC Metro magazine, Kedric Francis interviewed Michael Rubin and Tom Salinger, the lead attorneys for the City of Anaheim's long drawn out lawsuit against the 450 victims of the Anaheim landslide of 1993. These two lawyers -- their offices littered with "Domino Pizza boxes" according to the article -- are Orange County's bland version of O.J.'s dynamic duo, Robert Shapiro and Johnny Cochran -- Rubin with his stony faced stare and Salinger with his tightly curled ringlets of tousled hair.

Because of the Anaheim Hills landslide litigation, Rubin complained: "It's not unusual to be here this late." Obviously feeling sorry for himself, he grumbled: "That's the life of a lawyer."

The article went on to infer that on Rubin and Salinger were being picked on by the landslide victims' lawyers in that they "purposefully make life difficult by, for example, filing a motion so that the responding briefs are due on the Monday after a holiday weekend, virtually ensuring that the (City of Anaheim's landslide lawyers, Rubin and Salinger) will have to work through it."

My heart filled with deep sadness at the mere thought of Rubin's and Salinger's frivolous weekends being disrupted by the lowly problems of the landslide victims who these lawyers have been terrorizing with ceaseless depositions and a flurry of incessant harassing lawsuits.

Salinger then went on to brag, "I had 2,300-2,400 (billable) hours" in a year. Since Rubin's hours would at least be equal, that translates into about a million dollars to stick into each of their "billable" pockets -- each and every year this lawsuit drags on. Now these two really need deep pockets to hold windfall profits like that! And all at the expense of the taxpayers of Anaheim. To date, the law firm of Rutan and Tucker, through their lead attorneys, Rubin and Salinger, have billed the City of Anaheim around 10 million dollars.

The thing I find truly amazing is that, while they brag about how much money they are making, they whine about the late hours they spend at their plush Costa Mesa offices.

It's as though they look upon the Anaheim landslide victims as their winning lottery ticket: Therefore, they should no longer have to work for the millions of dollars that they receive from the taxpayers.

How quickly Rubin and Salinger forget their roots: back when their cases lacked such high prestige clients as the cities of Orange County; back when their cases included such low prestige clients as those accused of gambling and money laundering.