Mr. Rubin asks: "Who's harassing who?!"

While there is a certain strange surrealistic irony to it all when a huge law firm, that has been inundating a landslide victim with reams of legalistic depositions, interrogatories and ceaseless demands for more and more documents, breaks down and cries that it is being harassed by the hapless victim; I just couldn't let the City of Anaheim's lead attorney Michael D. Rubin's statements stand without being challenged.  Yes, I know, he is one of the top attorneys at Rutan and Tucker, the largest law firm in Orange County.  And, yes, I know, they are all going to be as mad as hell when they read the following list of Harassment Proofs #1 through #5 (which will take about six months to compile and edit; I hope to have completed this website by the time the trial is set to start -- September 23rd, 1998.  Therefore this should be looked upon as a work-in-progress until this sentence has been removed).  In my humble opinion, Mr. Rubin is in a state of denial.

Harassment Proof #1

The attached letter was sent to Mr. Lou Delmonico, an evacuated landslide homeowner, soon after depositions were taken of him by the Rutan and Tucker attorneys representing the City of Anaheim. After the City of Anaheim took those depositions of Mr. Delmonico, who is a severely impacted victim of their landslide, the city's attorneys and bureaucrats pored over his testimony in an effort to find a way to attack Mr. Delmonico in order to inflict still greater harm on a man who had already been devastated by a terrible tragedy.

Who did this rotten act, you ask? The City of Anaheim attorney, Max
Slaughter, contacted Sandra Myer’s boss, the City of Anaheim Treasury Manager, William Sell, and requested that the attached letter be sent!

Is this harassment? Is this intimidation? Is this an abuse of political  power? Positively 'yes' on all three accounts!

How can they get away this, you ask? Actually, it's quite easy: They
write the laws for us and then they write the laws for themselves. Guess
who gets the short end of the shaft?!

"What do you say to that, Mr. Rubin?!"

Harassment Proof #2

The City of Anaheim and its agents are deeply immersed in the SBA Scam!

"What do you say to that, Mr. Rubin?!"

Harassment Proof #3

The City of Anaheim and its agents are prodding the California Franchise Tax Nazis to audit the landslide disaster victims.

"What do you say to that, Mr. Rubin?!"

Harassment Proof #4
Harassment Proof #5

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