Hundreds of Rutans... Hundreds of Tuckers...

In today’s issue of the Orange County Register (February 9th, 1998), attorney Michael D. Rubin of Rutan and Tucker, the largest law firm in Orange County, stated: "I don’t think it’s in anybody’s best interests to have the Web site up, because it has lots of misinformation." Mr. Rubin went on to say that the City of Anaheim has never been involved in harassment of the victims of the landslide...

Before I prick Mr. Rubin’s balloon of misinformation, let me first digress to that sunny spring day in 1993, when the City of Anaheim requested that I meet with its representatives at the heart of the landslide, our vacated home (from which we had been forcibly evacuated by the Anaheim Police in January of that year)...

Mr. Rubin was one of those representatives I met with that day. He was and is a clear-eyed, clear-minded gentleman -- by far the most intelligent lawyer I have encountered at the law firm of Rutan and Tucker. I spent three grueling days there in their plush Costa Mesa offices being interrogated by their staff and he is the only one I would ever fear sitting across the table from me. (But, they do have a wonderful receptionist that any corporation would treasure.)

It was on that sunny day in ‘93 when I was first introduced to Mr. Rubin. As we stood by my front door, I explained to him the plight of the victims of the landslide. He then said something quite sardonic to me, something I never really understood until today. And I now quote Mr. Rubin, as he looked me straight in the eye and said: "When all of this is over, there will be a lot of kids going to fancy colleges."

At first glance one might think that this was just the uncaring statement of someone totally unmoved by the trials and tribulations of his fellow man, but in the light of a recent article by the Los Angeles Times, another interpretation is also possible -- a more visionary explication can be drawn from this barrister’s profound words.

The Times article stated that, during the past five years since the landslide disaster first forced the evacuation of forty-six homes, the City of Anaheim has spent over 8.78 million dollars in tax money with the law firm of Rutan and Tucker. Yes, that’s right, over $8,780,000.00 !!!

I can just see it now: Hundreds of little Rutans... Hundreds of little Tuckers... Tooling about the hallowed halls of ivy league colleges in their shining Boxters, SLKs and Z3s... Not a care in the world. Not a thought in their heads about the plight of their benefactors: those hundreds of victimized landslide homeowners.

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