Landslide Scarps

The purpose of this diagram is to familiarize you with the basic components that make up the Anaheim Hills Landslide and to show how these characteristics are easily recognizable to anyone who is involved in any of the following classifications: home builders, land owners, planned unit developers, real estate sales firms, city building departments, city engineering departments, city planning departments and, of course, our smiling  politicians -- who seem to only answer to deep-pocketed developers who finance their campaigns and lavish them with perks such as box seats at Anaheim Stadium.  The only people that don't recognize these scarp characteristics are us, the unsuspecting, trusting home buyers.
If you imagine the following landslide after the passage of time, when erosion has removed the sharp edges between the crown and head scarp, the only true defining feature left is the hump between the tip of the toe and the foot -- a time when it all is, once again, green -- then what you see, in your mind's eye, is all of the land that surrounds us in Anaheim Hills.  These hills have looked this way for hundreds years. They, the ones we trusted, all knew that this was, and is, an Area 4 Seismic Hazard Zone -- a place where man should not live!