City of Anaheim Sues to Shut this Website Down!
2nd Attempt!
As I read though the City of Anaheim's attorneys' (Rutan & Tucker) suit for documents about my website -- in their endless and futile effort to silence me -- I noticed that they had screwed up this website address. They had added "www" which is not part of the Anaheim Landslide address []. This was like them asking me to tell them about my nonexistent home in Afghanistan.  So, for every question that included the screwed-up address, I just answered "Not Applicable" -- and then let them try to figure out the why of it all.

I envisioned the 94 attorneys at Rutan & Tucker plus their support staff of 96 scampering about, trying to figure out the inner-workings of this modern-age Internet. Sure enough, a couple of weeks afterwards, the attorneys sent a new-and-improved demand for documents.  I am sure it had to be someone who was computer-literate, probably one of their youthful offspring surfers who explained to them the importance of accurate Internet addresses when filing legal documents.

Hopefully, no one was fired because of this mistake.  The mere thought of a lawyer on the dole tears at my heart strings.


Gerald M. Steiner