City of Anaheim Sues to Shut this Website Down!
3rd Attempt!
Damn! This makes the third time the City of Anaheim has attempted to force the Anaheim Landslide Website to stop publishing the truth about the past and present corrupt activities of its elected officials. Unmistakably, the truth hurts.

Obviously Mayor Tom Daly and his lead attorney Michael D. Rubin with his Rutan & Tucker backup of close to 200 lawyers and support staff, are being devastated by the facts I have been disclosing in the nearly 2,000 pages that to-date have been published on this website.

It is amazing how one voice on the Internet speaking the truth can be feared by so many.

To read in total their third harassing attempt to take away my right of Freedom of Speech, please CLICK HERE.

These lawsuits are turning into a sadistic monthly ritual for Mayor Daly and the Rutan & Tucker lawyers. The reasons they are doing this is transparent:

1.) It keeps me from further investigating the City of Anaheim’s role in the sale of landslide-prone real estate.

2.) It keeps me from further investigating the published accounts of Mayor Daly’s purported corrupt activities.

3.) It makes the Rutan & Tucker lawyers richer by the second. Right now they are quickly closing in on $10,000,000.00 in fees paid by the taxes of the honest citizens of the City Anaheim.

I can just see Mr. Rutan talking to Mr. Tucker in the their plush Costa Mesa offices, standing in front of one of those giant cardboard thermometers with money bursting out of the top, saying: “Yes, Mr. Tucker, I think it is time that we raised our standards.” And his law partner replies: “Yes, Mr. Rutan, I think $20,000,000.00 is do-able!”

Clearly, the more they can harass me, the more their profits will spill over and the bigger they will grow. Just the other day I read that they have brought on another batch of lawyers. If this keeps up, it looks as though I’m never going to get any rest from answering their depositions, interrogatories and demands for production. Maybe that’s what they want?

4.) And worst of all, it has a chilling effect on our Freedom of Speech. Clearly, I will not stop saying the truth, no matter what the cost, but what about the others, those who read this, those who see the weight of the ‘law’ being brought against me? I deeply fear that they will then be deterred from voicing the wrongs being brought against them by these corrupt political entities.

When you are reading through the exciting “DEMANDS FOR PRODUCTION,” please note that DEMAND FOR PRODUCTION NO. 22 and DEMAND FOR PRODUCTION NO. 23 and DEMAND FOR PRODUCTION NO. 24 and DEMAND FOR PRODUCTION NO. 25 and DEMAND FOR PRODUCTION NO. 26 and DEMAND FOR PRODUCTION NO. 27 and DEMAND FOR PRODUCTION NO. 28 and DEMAND FOR PRODUCTION NO. 29 and DEMAND FOR PRODUCTION NO. 30 and DEMAND FOR PRODUCTION NO. 31 and lastly DEMAND FOR PRODUCTION NO. 32 are all documents that the City of Anaheim has previously requested and has already received! For me to be forced to once again go through the cost of duplicating thousands of pages of information which I have previously duplicated and sent to them is an unmitigated harassment on the part of the City of Anaheim, Mayor Tom Daly, Michael D. Rubin and the law firm of Rutan & Tucker.

Over 90% of the documents for which the City of Anaheim is now suing me, was in their attorney’s physical possession, Thomas S. Sallinger, Esq., as he sat across the table from me during those very first days of the Inquisition, starting on April 11th, 1997 -- twelve months ago!

The City of Anaheim has now scheduled two more days of Inquisition -- which means my testimony will have spanned over one full year. Hopefully they don’t change their deposition lawyers -- I worry that they might bring in their ‘A-Team’ just when I am getting use to Sallinger and his crew of interrogators.

What truly baffles me is why the judge assigned to this case, Justice Campbell Lucas, actually allows this perpetual harassment of landslide victims to continue -- five years and no end yet in sight...

Thank God we, the homeowners who have had to endure this never-ending disaster, will have a jury!


Gerald M. Steiner