Cost to Stabilize One Landslide Home:
The California Franchise Tax Board, in their harassing attempts to disallow the financial losses of the landslide victims, required that I have the following estimate be made as to what the actual cost would be to stabilize my home so that it would be safe for human occupancy.  The cost -- a staggering $2.9 million -- is obviously somewhat disproportionate to the $50 thousand valuation that the Orange County Assessor's Office placed on my Anaheim Hills landslide home in the year 1997.

The main cost -- $2 million for caissons and grade beams -- is due to the depth that the five-foot wide steel and concrete caissons have to be sunk before they hit bedrock -- 160' into the landslide-prone hill!  Twenty-six such caissons have to be constructed to support the steel-reinforced concrete pad beneath the home.

The mammoth drilling rig needed to accomplish this great earth works has to be transported up from San Diego.  100,000 cubic feet of earth will be removed during the drilling process.  All of this earth will then have to be trucked away to a regional landfill.

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